Run Log iPhone App V1.3.3


Many runners use a few routes that they run regularly for training. Run Log has been designed to enable you to log your runs over a route so that you can compare performance over that route. Setting up a route is simple, just add a route and enter a name and  distance.

Key features

    Runs stored by route  

    Graph of runs by route

    Export via email


    Calendar to select runs

    Pace Calculator


New in V1.3.3  December 2016.

Improved compatibility with IOS 10.

Minor bug fixes.



The runs table shows the list of runs in calendar order. It shows the name of the route, duration of run and date.

The header can display either week total or month total by selecting the button at the bottom.

Touching the + button creates a run.

It is possible to have more than one run per day.

Selecting a run shows the run details.

Select edit to change a field.

Create a route and enter the details about it such as distance. By selecting the route when run data is added your performance on that route can be tracked.

In the performance data best time, number of runs and average pace are shown.

When in this screen rotating the iPhone to landscape will cause a graph to appear.

The white line is the duration of the run and relates to the scale on the left. The red line is the mid point time to allow a comparison. The Temp and Weight buttons allow these data to be displayed.

Touching the screen displays a cursor with the run details of the selected run displayed along the top of the graph.


Selecting the Export tab and then the export button fills an email with all your run data and routes.

On a Mac or PC you can copy and paste the body of the email into a spreadsheet and your data should appear in columns. Try using ‘paste special’ in your spreadsheet. The fields are separated with tabs.

Finally, a simple stopwatch is included. Touch start to start and when you get to your mid point hit the midpoint button ( appears after start). Touch Stop to record the total duration.

By then touching the save button a run entry will appear with the start time and date set to the time you touched start and the mid point time and duration fields completed.

The calendar button

displays a calendar. Days on which a run is stored are shown in red.  Selecting a red button takes you to the run on that day.

Buttons labeled ‘All’ ‘1 y’ ‘6 mo’ and ‘1 mo’ allow runs within that period to the current date to be displayed.

Performance graphs

Run data

Export data


Route data

Data exported as a file attachment can be opened in most spreadsheets. Tabs are used to separate fields.

New in V1.3

The pace calculator is really handy for converting between pace and finishing time and finishing time to pace.

To convert pace to a finish time enter your pace in minutes and seconds and select a distance. The symbol >> shows that the pace is being used to calculate a finish time.

If a finishing time is entered in hours, minutes and seconds the pace is calculated for the selected distance. The symbol << shows finishing time is being used to calculate the pace.

Pressing the /mi button switches to Km.

Pace Calculator